Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"KCNA Commentary Dismisses Misinformation Spread by Mentally Deficient Guys" (Korean News)

In which we are introduced to the word "underwits":
An Internet news of south Korea again spread misinformation about the use of mobile phones in the DPRK on Feb. 23.

It asserted mobile phone is being used as "a means for disseminating outlawed culture from outside" with its use gaining in scope.

Every piece of "misinformation" under the disguise of "local source" is peppered with contents to defame the DPRK.

This is nothing but cock-and-bull stories told by mentally deficient guys who know nothing about its society.

Korean-style socialism is a society centered on the popular masses which develops thanks to the positive role of the working people, its genuine master.

The desire and wishes of the people are fully reflected in the line and policies of the state in all aspects and they are implemented by dint of their creative energy, wisdom and resourcefulness.

It is the consistent principle of the DPRK to handle "culture from outside" with the interests of the people as standards.

The Korean people have strictly intercepted and repudiated at the doorstep anything unsound that gnaw at the sound thinking of people and hinder the genuine development of civilization of the society since the day the building of a new society started.

This principle has been adhered to by the Korean people desirous of everything progressive and noble and invariably carried forward by the younger generation, main players in the future, irrespective of any period and stage of social development.

The society in the DPRK has remained unfazed by any persistent political and military pressure of the hostile forces and any global economic and cultural turmoil because it has abided by the principle chosen by the people themselves generation after generation as their life and soul.

What is more ridiculous is that the misinformation dealt with young people in the DPRK.

They constitute the strongest national power and powerhouse for nation-building as they have sound mentality and profound knowledge and categorically reject the "fragrant wind" sent by capitalism.

Many of them volunteered to work in difficult and labor-consuming work sites by overcoming the sorrow over the loss of the father of the nation with strength and courage. Some of them died heroic deaths after saving their colleagues from the jaw of death. Society in south Korea is where material life has become deformed and spiritual and cultural life impoverished and political life reactionary under the strong influence of imperialist corrupt ideas and culture of the capitalist society which can be maintained only when the sound conscience of people is benumbed. Underwits in those societies can hardly understand the essence of the society in the DPRK and the noble spiritual world of the youth. It is the height of folly for them to talk about the young people and other people in the DPRK.

Pitiable, indeed, is the Lee group which provided a back room to hatch plots, counting on such fools.
Take that, Imperialists!

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