Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood as openly extreme as the Khomeinists

Here are the crazier parts of their English statement on the Rafah attack:
[...] Yesterday, a group of criminals and terrorists attacked an Egyptian security checkpoint in Rafah, killing nearly twenty of our brothers, our sons, and stole one car and one truck, and tried to crash their way into Israel.

Immediately, Israeli media linked these attackers to the people of Gaza. Nevertheless, this ‘operation’, at this particular time, aims to achieve several goals:

• Create a major border problem for Egypt in its current critical circumstances, to be added to the many internal problems plaguing the homeland after the collapse of a corrupt system that subverted the country’s interests for decades.

• Endeavor to prove the failure of the new Egyptian government, formed just three days ago.

• Attempt to disrupt the new President’s reform project.

• Drive a wedge between the Egyptian administration and the Egyptian people on the one hand, and between the Palestinian government and the people of Gaza on the other.

Evidently, this crime may well be the work of Israel’s Mossad, which has sought to abort the revolution ever since its launch, and which issued instructions to Israeli citizens in Sinai to leave immediately, just days ago. It is clearly noticeable that every time a warning like this is issued, a terrorist incident takes place in the Sinai.

This crime also draws our attention to the fact that our forces in the Sinai lack the personnel and the equipment to protect the region or guard our borders, which makes it imperative to review the terms of our accords with Israel. [...]
The statement "Evidently, this crime may well be the work of Israel’s Mossad" is deliberately worded, in its inept way, to give the Ikhwan a way to make the accusation and then deny it later if necessary. But, as pointed out in the previous post, the person responsible for the Ikhwanweb Twitter account tweeted "Israel is only one with the motives and capabilities to conduct this senseless attack." We probably have not seen the end of the fake moderation, however. Various Western media entities won't tire of it.

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