Sunday, December 23, 2012

"Pakistan: Shiites react to blasphemous graffiti against Imam-e-Zaman (AS) and Imam Khomeini" (ABNA-Iran)

Graffiti against Ayatollah Khomeini is "blasphemous"? They don't quite have the hang of monotheism, do they? The English a bit fragmented here--I guess the "movie" the third paragraph starts talking about is "The Innocence of Muslims":
Blasphemous graffiti against Imam-e-Zaman (AS) and Imam Khomeini appeared on the walls of Bhakkar district.

The graffiti against the 12th infallible Imam and his deputy during the time of occultation, Imam Khomeini, has sparked off anger and dismay among Shiites.

Blasphemous movie has evoked stiff protest from all Shiites irrespective of their affiliations to different organizations. They termed it a provocative act of terrorism and fanaticism by the stooges of Zionist and global imperialism. They said that notorious takfiri nasbi terrorists Malik Ishaq

Latest reports say that all Shia parties have joined hands against the sacrilegious graffiti. Wizarat Hussain Naqvi, a known Shia leader has summoned a meeting in which all Shiites are participating. District Police Officer Bhakkar and two DSPs are also present at the meeting. Shiites are chalking out their course of action against the graffiti.

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SnoopyTheGoon said...

"Shiites are chalking out their course of action against the graffiti."

That must be "spraying" instead of "chalking". It's XXI century, who is using chalk?