Sunday, July 16, 2006

More Links relating to the Current Crisis

Real Clear Politics: "The War Comes to Us"

Seraphic Secret: "The Nature of War" (From Stratfor)

SerandEz: "9 Killed in Haifa"

Israel Matzav: "The Ultimate Human Shields" and "Hizbulla's Rockets"

IRIS Blog: "Noteworthy Headlines"

The Muqata: "Sunday's News from Israel"

NRO: "Israeli Men@Work"

Daled Amos: "Where Do The Lebanese Stand?"

Austin Bay: "Iran’s mullahs and Syria’s dictators are the problem"

J-Blogopshere: "Live-Blogging the War & What We Can Do"

Conceptwizard: "Map of Areas Targeted by Hizbulla Missiles" (h/t: Smooth Stone)

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