Thursday, November 29, 2007

(North) Korean News: "Kim Jong Il Praised as Most Famous Person of World"

Yep, he's "wisely leading humankind toward the victory of the cause of independence":
General Secretary Kim Jong Il enjoys highest praises as the great man, political leader and famous person ranking first in the world for his great ideological and theoretical feats and wise leadership, noble personality and virtues.

In the last century the "Eurasia Joint House" Association in Russia acclaimed Kim Jong Il who was wisely leading humankind toward the victory of the cause of independence as "Man of the Year, 1994" and the Development Supporting Association and the Development Promotion Association in Peru as "Man of the Year, 1997".

World media are becoming louder in the 2000s in praising him as the most prominent leader.

The Intellectual Research Group put his name on the top of the list of 10 famous persons in the present-day world.

"Al Ahram" and "Al Akhbar", Egyptian newspapers, listed him as "Man of the Year, 2006."

The Iranian paper "Tehran Times" called Kim Jong Il "the most famous person of the world" and the Russian papers "Patriot", "Byvor" and "Poditiya" highly praised him as "a great man", "a consummate politician of the present times" and "the world's brilliant commander of the 21st century".

The U.S. magazine "Time" praised him as the most outstanding statesman among the world's famous politicians in 2004 and an excellent leader in 2006. And this year it listed him as the leader who has the biggest influence on the change of the world and the best reputed leader in the world.

In the opinion poll held in the United States for selecting world's famous persons and deciding their ranking, most of the pollees put Kim Jong Il on the top of the list and defined his character as strict principle, superb diplomatic talent and outstanding commanding art.

An Internet site of China extolled Kim Jong Il, saying his decision and practical ability, humorous sense and talent were beyond the imagination of the West.
More things "beyond the imagination of the West."

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