Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ahmadinejad: Hague tribunal "ruined its credibility" by acting against Sudan

Now they've gone and done it. They've ruined their credibility. They're just tools of the World Arrogance and bullying powers. From IRIB:
IRI's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Sunday the corrupt superpowers do not wish to see even a single developed and powerful Islamic country to exist in the world.

"They always put hurdles in their path and of course the best way to make corrupt powers fail is to further boost cooperation among nations and to keep resistance, President Ahmadinejad told Sudan Ambassador in Tehran.

"Today, the world's corrupt superpowers are declining. It is necessary for countries and nations to stand side by side and resist so that the residues of colonialism and arrogance disappear, he said after receiving the credentials of the new Sudanese Ambassador, Suleiman Abd ul-Tawab al-Zayn.

President Ahmadinejad called the recent move of the Hague tribunal against the Sudanese President as ugly and unfair.

"This court by its move ruined its credibility and their legal activities lost their values. It became evident that they not only do not serve justice and rights of nations but they are tools in hand of arrogant superpowers to exert pressure on other countries," he said.

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