Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Iran ridicules the idea that it has a moderate position on Israel

This is an article from Iran's most official news agency and it is entitled "Iran's 'leniency' towards Israel a joke - Larijani":
Iran's Parliament speaker said here at a press conference news on Islamic Republic of Iran's 'leniency' towards Israel resemble a joke, since Iran pursues a certain policy regarding Israel.

Speaking to reporters at Manama's Al-Khalij Hotel on Wednesday evening, Larijani made the comment in response to a reporter who had opined that President Ahmadinejad's recent remarks on Israel conveys a kind of leniency.

Larijani further emphasized, "Such interpretations of the Islamic Republic of Iran's president's remarks are inaccurate, since he has meant quite the contrary, and he has always pursued a certain stand against the occupying regime of Holy Qods."
The Majlis speaker added, "The Islamic Republic of Iran emphasizes that a free referendum must be held in which the entire Palestinians could cast their votes, and Iran's policy regarding Israel is quite transparent." [...]
Remember, the word "Palestinians" doesn't refer to "Zionists," i.e. Israeli Jews.

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