Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Botch Your Mother's Operation Day" suggested as response to "Hit a Jew Day"

Now they've gone and done it:
A number of students reportedly sustained minor injuries, and one child was slapped in the face, during "Hit a Jew Day," an activity organized by sixth-graders at the Parkway West Middle School in Chesterfield. About 35 Jewish students are believed to attend the 850-student school.

The incident came as part of an unofficial "spirit week" that began innocently with "Hug a Friend Day" and "High Five Day." School officials said that during "Hit a Jew Day," most students were only tapped on the shoulders or back, but one student allegedly was slapped.

Principal Lindo Lelonek called an assembly Tuesday to address the incident. Lelonek said discipline will range from parent conferences to suspensions. Four or five students reportedly are involved.[...]
It is expected that Lelonek will be informed of the possibly calamitous consequences of an insufficient disciplinary response shortly. Sixth-graders are a bit young to have access to the full range of available punitive medical and international financial options, but most of them have elder siblings.

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