Monday, October 10, 2011

Fars (Iran): "Lebanese Analyst Warns of Hezbollah's Impending Strike on Israel"

Is it bluster? Who knows:
A Lebanese strategic analyst warned on Monday that Hezbollah would strike the Israeli facilities if Tel Aviv continues stealing Lebanon's oil and sea reserves.

"In case the enemy steals Lebanon's oil, Hezbollah will have the right to strike its oil installations and facilities," Feisal Abdossater told FNA on Monday.

The analyst cautioned that Zionists' aggressive and expansionist moves in the Mediterranean Sea has heightened tension between the two sides, and said the situation is now ripe for the start of clashes between Lebanon and the Israeli regime.

"Zionists' plot to find control over Lebanon's sea wealth has a high potential for clashes between the two sides and is likely to have dire consequences," he stated.

"The Lebanese Islamic resistance will not tolerate any kind of aggressions against the country's sovereignty," he reiterated, and added, "Hezbollah views the oil resources in Lebanon's water as a treasure for the Lebanese nation and has declared its position in this regard very transparently."

"Hezbollah will cut the hands of anyone who targets Lebanon's sovereignty," the analyst continued.

Israel has constructed oil sites and installations in Lebanon's national waters. The two off-shore sites, named by Israel as Leviathan and Tamar are worth an estimated $40 billion.

In June 2010, Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri said, "Israel is ignoring the fact that, according to the maps, this field is included within Lebanon's territorial waters."

Earlier in July 2011, Hezbollah Leader Seyed Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel against trying to steal Lebanon's maritime resources, and said it would retaliate against any Israeli attack on the country's oil and gas installations, in light of a dispute building between Israel and Lebanon over their maritime border and huge natural gas and oil reserves beneath the Mediterranean Sea.

"Those who harm our installations will have their own installations harmed," Nasrallah warned at the time.

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