Monday, October 31, 2011

Fars: "Iranian Basij Forces Stress Support for Occupy Wall Street Movement"

The Basij is a huge paramilitary force which plays a key role in suppressing dissidents and enforcing Islamic conformity in Iran. So they're the ultimate progressives:
Members of Iran's Basij (volunteer) force issued a statement in recent days to voice strong support for the American people's anti-capitalism movement.

"We have been watching the glory of your movement on Wall Street and have been appreciating your determination to bring into an end the one-percent supremacy," said the statement.

"Your movement ascertains us capitalism is already over. Having owned large-scale media and accompanied by force, batons and tear gas, capitalism has been striving to gloss over your protests; however, your resolve and perseverance to prove your role in the destiny of your country made their plots dead in the water and spread your truthful message all around the world. The cold weather you experienced all during this time not only didn't hinder the progress of your movement, but also made your faith in the truthfulness of the path you are in stronger," it added.

"Occupy Wall Street undoubtedly represents the oppressed voicing their protests against the oppressors. As in Islamic Iranian culture, defending the oppressed is presumed a divine task, we, as a group of Iranian Basij Force members, hereby announce our support for your glorious and decent movement and promise we shall never stop supporting your uprising.

"Upon following world's leading media, a group of Basij members noticed capital-based systems have tried to stop your message from spreading all around the globe and to misuse your movement through distributing distorted news of the movement in addition to adopting high censorship measures."

The statement continued, "Having looked into such circumstances as mentioned, our media team decided to open a website, as an attempt to provide the world with a truthful account of the events occurring in Wall Street. is undergoing the preparatory stages and will start within a few days to come."

"Establishing this website in both Persian and English was the least we, as Iranian youths in support of your movement, could do to help the true message of those protesting the capitalist system spread throughout the world."

"We wish to see your victory in overthrowing the capitalist system and hope the motivation created by Wall Street in European countries as well, will help establish a genuine democracy all around the world."

"Your union has sent the world the message of your persistence to overcome the supremacy of one-percent against the 99 percent. We ask all of you as our brothers and sisters to hold on the cause and to do your utmost to send it all over the globe; Never ever let East and West criminals to gain control over you again," the message concluded.
If you are tempted to investigate that URL, make sure you have a good anti-virus program.

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