Tuesday, October 04, 2011

SANA (Syria): "French Writer: Al-Jazeera Channel was conceived by two French-Israeli personalities"

Normal sources of information don't say this about Al-Jazeera, and Meyssan is a conspiracy kook.
French writer Thierry Meyssan said that the Qatar-based al-Jazeera channel was conceived by two French brothers: David and Jean Friedman, who hold the Israeli nationality.

The French writer said in an article published on his website, Voltairenet.org, that Qatar has financed the channel with USD 150 million loan for five years before it became the only financer.

He added that the goal of al-Jazeera was not saying the truth and that the involvement of al-Jazeera channel in provocative acts aiming at toppling the Syrian and Libyan regimes was not due to circumstances, rather they were long-prepared goals by people who knew how to hide their personal interests.

He criticized focusing on events in Syria and Libya and claiming that the two leaderships are killing their peoples while ignoring the current developments and events in other countries in the region.

Meyssan considered al-Jazeera channel as being incredible during the 6 past months, adding that al-Jazeera has transformed into a propaganda tool for reoccupying Libya with the help of Qatar which has won the privilege of controlling the gas and oil trade.
(h/t: Elder of Ziyon)

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