Saturday, July 14, 2012

Angry Arab post entitled "Thieves, occupiers, terrorists, and fabricators"

The subject of the post? Felafel, of course:
Look at this outrage: "Having a ball: The 5 best falafel joints in Tel Aviv: Wanna grab a bite of Israel's most famous street food? Haaretz brings you a selection of the best falafel in Tel Aviv." "Israel's most famous street food"? Really? It is not a street food in Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine and Egypt?
The word "Aviv" in "Tel Aviv" links to this article in Ha'aretz. The title of the post simply seems to be an outburst. Israel "fabricated" felafel or they "fabricated" the idea that it is very popular in Israel? He asks whether Felafel is a "street food in . . . Palestine." Isn't "Palestine" just his word for Israel? He isn't saying green-line Israel is legitimate, is he? I guess if he wrote with any degree of precision he wouldn't be so much fun.

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