Sunday, July 15, 2012

" . . . the Jewish media will never discuss the issue of Khazar Jews, their crimes against humanity . . ." (PressTV-Iran)

This recent offering from Iran's PressTV is a very long conspiracist rant evidently aimed at American Christians by one Jospeh Zrnchik. Here are a few paragraphs to give you the flavor of it:
[...] While the attacks against the Palestinians are horrific by themselves, nowhere does war provide such horrors as in an occupation. The inhabitants are shut in. Business, pleasure, education and civil discourse are ground into dirt. Miseries are multiplied. As the destruction begins, artillery shells explode in neighborhoods and penetrate the roofs of houses. Citizens are killed in the streets. Women and children retreat to their cinderblock homes and live in all discomfort under military law and confined to their homes for days on end. Day by day the gloom thickens. All news is of houses bulldozed, land stolen, persons killed, children maimed, prices raised and scarcity increased. As there is no army to battle the imperial soldier in blood-lust slaughters innocents.

Gladly, perhaps, would the citizens surrender, but the Zionist regime in Israel does not want surrender, it wants extermination. At length, famine and deprivation are enforced and opposition to such acts results in summary death sentences. As Israel cuts off food to women and children, the worker with no job, cannot purchase food if he is of the luck few that work. Medicine is denied the sick. As in Iraq, the US caused the death of 500,000 Iraqi children by cutting off medicine leaving children to die slow agonizing deaths. In Palestine fishing boats are attacked, sunk, or seized. The father, and his family, never having known daily comforts for generations, fall victim to poverty, hopelessness, death and disease. As the siege continues in occupied territory, the middle class sinks to destitution as everything that is not destroyed or stolen is sold to buy what little food can be smuggled in through tunnels. Palestinians have made breaches in the walls, but often are buried or slaughtered while trying to get food. All neighbors must work, amid blistering fire to try to assist each other in survival and coming to the aid of the injured. Mines are sprung, missiles fly and dropped bombs blow houses apart and dismember the occupants. White phosphorous burns through children’s bodies. [...]

The establishment of rituals and creation of false dogmas has occurred throughout history. It was blindness of the Jews that caused them to fail to acknowledge they were putting Christ up on the cross. There are many rabbis in Israel who denounce Israel's Zionist regime living by the sword. The nation that lives by the sword shall die by the sword. A reckoning awaits Israel and the US when its time comes, the Christian Zionists will believe it is the end of the world. They will try to convince Christians that Israel must be defended. They will promote the false dogma that that commands absolute support for Israeli crimes lest God bring about America's decline. However, one can see the extreme decline in American influence amidst unquestioning support for Israel's crimes against humanity.

President Ahmadinejad is seen on Youtube meeting with Iranian Jews. During the meeting these Jews denounced Zionism and spoke to issues regarding the evil of Zionism. Christian Zionists can rest assured that the Jewish media will never discuss the issue of Khazar Jews, their crimes against humanity and their creation of a cult within Judaism.
PressTV, I should add, seems to be the Iranian news agency whose output is edited with the most consciousness of the Western reader.

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