Sunday, July 15, 2012

"I Witnessed True Picture of DPRK: Secretary General of Int'l Body"

Let a foreigner tour North Korea a little, and they will end up sounding exactly like a Rodong Sinmun article:
Julien Huck, secretary general of the International Union of Agricultural and Foodstuff Workers, said he was deeply moved to visit various places of the DPRK from June 30 to July 5.

He noted as follows in an excited tone:

The visit to the DPRK provided me with an opportunity to witness its true picture.

The situation in the DPRK was quite different from what the West media used to say.

The Koreans are a heroic people who defeated the U.S. and Japanese imperialists.

While touring the monuments to the history of the Korean people's struggle, I became to know well about the source of their powerful strength.

In the DPRK everything serves the people and they are masters of everything.

Herein lies one of secrets to the victory of socialism in the DPRK despite ceaseless sanctions of the imperialists and their moves to stifle it.

I will widely introduce the Korean people to prove that the Western media reports are groundless.

It is my conviction that the Korean people will firmly defend socialism and achieve the cause of national reunification, true to the leadership of the dear respected Kim Jong Un.
The only thing we have to figure out is why it is taking them so long . . . .


Anonymous said...

I couldn't find any reference either to Julian Hucknall or the Union mentioned - I suspect it is simply a made-up news article...

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