Monday, September 03, 2012

Fars News (Iran): Holocaust "alleged" and Jews "doing the same crimes with the Palestinians"

Fars News currently features what you would call, I guess, a photo-essay: a series of Holocaust photos paired with contemporary photos and meant to prove that Jews are doing the same thing to the Palestinians blah blah blah. The title of this rancid little feature is "Who is Worse, Zionists or Nazi?" The introductory blurb, however, does not seem to want to admit that the Nazis did anything:
These are the same pictures that the Jewish people have shown to the world for decades to win the nations' sympathy for what they have allegedly suffered with Hitler and his army, as if no other people had been treated like them in World War II. But now they are doing the same crimes with the Palestinians. Just check this out
And, of course, the pictures are ones that "the Jewish people have shown to the world," as if the world would not otherwise have them. Khomeinists deny the Holocaust, not just Ahmadinejad.

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