Sunday, September 09, 2012

"we’re not talking about Irvine, for goodness sake"

A Muslim chaplain at Northeastern was just exposed in a video as a terror-supporter and removed from his position. The following paragraph caught my California-dwelling eye:
But more importantly, Jacobs made the point that if a person with so many public connections to terrorism has been permitted to mentor students at a place like Northeastern University – “we’re not talking about Irvine, for goodness sake,” then it is clear that “the same kind of thing can happen anywhere.”
Follow the link to the Jewish Press article to see the video. Of course, ultra-leftists have made some of what the video talks about semi-respectable. Terek Mehenna has been defended on Huffpo, for instance, and the "Free Mumia" crowd also wants to free Aafia Siddiqui, and Norman Finkelstein is a raving nutcase and Israel-hater with a weakness for anti-Jewish ethnic slurs but not exactly an anti-Semite. (These distinctions give me a headache.)

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