Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Iran's PressTV interviews David Duke about 9/11. Guess who he blames?

Duke is their kind of expert! They seem to think he is still in the Louisiana House of Representatives, and he describes himself as having a "PhD in History." Here's a sample:
[...] Press TV: When you’re alluding to the possibility of it being an inside job, are you saying an inside job as far as the officials within the United States or are you saying that it’s possible that the Israelis have been behind it with American officials knowing about it? If you could expand on that a little bit for me, sir.

Duke: First off, there’s a lot of opinions. It’s very hard to know the answer. You have a surreptitious, covert operation in the United States and you had massive Israeli spying in the United States of America. To say that we have all the answers or we know all the facts of what happened and what didn’t happen, it’s hard to do that.

As a historian, as a man with a PhD in History, I want to go on hard, cold facts. And the hard, cold facts that we have without any dispute is the fact that five Israelis were arrested in New York, Mossad agents filming and documenting the attack. They were cheering the attack, according to all the witnesses involved. They were absolutely, certainly Mossad agents. They failed lie detector tests.

We know that Israelis agents were on the same street as Mohammad Atta.

We have lots of evidence that Israel had a huge spy operation going on in the United States at this time.

We also know that Israel certainly had a lot to gain from these attacks. In fact, because of these attacks we’ve had greater presence of Americans in the Middle East. We’ve had more support going to Israel.

We’ve had a clampdown of the opposition in this country, people against the Israeli policies. We also had the Iraq War which was taking out Israel’s enemy at the time, Saddam Hussein. This is an old, old story with Israel and this country.

We also know that Israel was possibly facing war crimes, trials in Europe with Ariel Sharon at the time, and we had the United Nations pointing out that Israel was a racist state. [...]
That's so meaningful coming from David Duke. This would be funny, if nukes were not almost within the Khomeinist grasp.

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