Sunday, August 11, 2013

Great News from North Korea

I have probably been neglecting all the new Songun developments lately, but the future of the DPRK certainly looks bright:

Soft Drink Stand Springs Up:
The Kaesong Youth Stadium has been remodeled in the DPRK . . . Saunas, public baths and a soft drink stand have sprung up along with an outdoor swimming pool of peculiar style.
The Vitamin C Factory has been commenced:
The Vitamin C Factory has been commenced with due ceremony on Friday. It was built on the bank of the River Taedong in Pyongyang.

The vitamin C producing base has the latest production processes that use bioengineering methods. The factory helps make another achievement in carrying out the behests of leader Kim Jong Il, who worked heart and soul to improve the standard of people's living, and will greatly contributing to promoting health of the people.
World Class Wading Pool:
The completion of the wading pool would mean carrying out the behest of Kim Jong Il who worked heart and soul to provide a comprehensive wading pool to the people, [Kim Jong Un] said, adding how nice it would be if it were built in the lifetime of Kim Jong Il . . . .

On the first floor of the inner wading pool he commanded a bird's-eye view of the outdoor wading pool with latest wading water tanks. When the pool is completed and furnished with the latest wading amusement facilities, it will look very nice and fantastic, he noted . . . .

It is the determination and will of the Workers' Party of Korea to successfully complete the Munsu Wading Pool as a world class one and provide the people with it till the anniversary of the Party founding, he said.

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