Friday, August 16, 2013

It's a Songun day

Greetings from Palestinian President:
[...] The Palestinian president, in his message, said that he deemed it happiness to extend his sincere and warmest congratulations to Kim Jong Un and, through him, to the government and friendly people of the DPRK on behalf of the State of Palestine, its people and on his own behalf, on the anniversary of the liberation of Korea, hoping that the day would come as early as possible when the progress, prosperity and stability desired by the people of the DPRK are realized.

He reaffirmed that his state would continue to make efforts to develop the good friendly relations between the two countries amid common concern and in the interests of the two peoples. He added that they value the steadfast support extended by Kim Jong Un to the Palestinian people always standing by their side in their struggle to retake freedom and the right to self-determination and create an independent state with east Kuds as its capital, which will be an oasis of security, peace and co-existence. [...]
Co-existence? With whom, I wonder.

New Swimming Pool Appears in Phyongsong:
The Phyongsong swimming pool began its operation. It was built in less than three months in Yangji-dong area in Phyongsong City, South Phyonan Province.

The swimming pool has a jumping pool with 10-meter and 33-meter high slides.

It also has volleyball and basketball courts as well as sun-bathing place, resting places, dressing rooms, and other cultural and logistic facilities to serve the conveniences of the people.

There are green areas covering thousands of square meters to add to the view of the pool.

Designing suited to the topographical conditions was followed by organized guidance to ensure the highest quality of structures to meet modern taste.

The pool is now crowded with youth, students and other people who visit it for maritime sports activities and relaxation.
Haeju Smeltery Fulfills Yearly Fertilizer Production Plan:
The Haeju Smeltery is boosting the production of phosphatic fertilizer.

It has over-fulfilled its yearly production at 107.8 percent as of August 13.

The workers of the phosphatic fertilizer shop have mounted a high-pitched socialist emulation drive for increased production while raising the rate of machinery and equipment operations. They have carried out their daily plan over 120 percent.

The workers of the mechanic shop has increased the production of necessary accessories and repaired production equipment including mixer and belt conveyer in time, contributing to finishing earlier the monthly plan.

Officials of the related units made sure that phosphatic fertilizer was supplied to rural areas soon after their production.

Officials and employees of the smeltery are dynamically conducting a campaign for increased fertilizer production through successful overhaul and maintenance of equipment.
Have a Songun Shabbos!

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SnoopyTheGoon said...

What is a " high-pitched socialist emulation drive", and in a fertilizer factory to boot? I guess I don't have a need to know.