Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Who dares threaten united Islamic world?" (PressTV-Iran)

Who wants to "bully" the "Islamic world"? The Zionist entity, of course. This is a nice example of Iranian paranoia:
As the Middle East seems engulfed in a never-ending cycle of violence, with further reports of bloodshed coming from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Bahrain, Iran continues to warn against Israel's plot to fragment and divide the region to better assert its own hegemonic power and claim victory over its nemesis, Islam.

While politicians, experts and analysts continue to look at the Middle East through political lenses, speaking of territorial hegemony and a race for control over natural resources, Iran remains clear-headed in its assessment - while Western powers are looking indeed to control the Middle East's incommensurable wealth, it is Islam that Israel seeks to destroy under its boots.

More dangerous in Israel's eyes than any political faction could ever be, Islam's very power, its ability to unite and rally under one flag foreign nations, communities and creeds, is what truly poses a threat to the Israeli regime.

Should the Islamic world ever set aside its differences and stand united under one leadership; strong with several billions of men and women, Islam would pose a challenge far too great to any entity or alliance of entities that threaten it.

Who then could prevent Palestinians from reclaiming the lands of their forefathers? Who would then dare oppose the calls for justice of a nation whose power and numbers far outweigh any others? Just as Muslims are the world's over-repressed and -oppressed, stigmatized and branded “terrorists” for daring express their faith, unity would bring salvation for a broken and divided people.

A lost island amid the Islamic world, Israel is sowing discord far and wide across the region for its survival depends on it.

One has only to look at the war raging against political Islam in the Arab world to understand what really is at stake.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, the last bastion of the independent Islamic world, the only nation that to this day continues to defy the United States of America and its master puppet the the Israeli regime has been branded “the axis of evil.” [...]
The incoherence ray is working nicely.
Ali Larijani, an Iranian philosopher, politician and the current chairman of the Parliament of Iran, warned earlier this month against such a ploy on the part of Israel. He stressed, “Muslims should not allow the occupying regime [of Israel] and other enemies of Islam to create discord and rifts in the Muslim world to serve their own interests.” [...]

Racked by internal conflicts, no countries in the Middle East can claim to oppose the Zionist hegemony, save Iran, the last bulwark against imperialism.
At the end of the article, a short bio of the author, Catherine Shakdam, includes the information that she has written for The Guardian.

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