Monday, November 18, 2013

Iran's PressTV explains that all recent history is the unfolding of an evil plan created by Bernard Lewis

Kevin Barrett seems to be winning the craziness contest among all the writers for Veterans Today featured in the Iranian Press. I think he'll be leading the pack for some time to come, don't you?
[...] When the Soviet Empire collapsed in 1990, the global elite needed a new enemy to justify their wars, oppression, and plunder. Zionist extremist Bernard Lewis, an advisor to the US, UK, and Israeli governments, proposed a solution: A “Clash of Civilizations” targeting the Islamic world. With communists gone, Muslims would serve as the new global bogeyman.

Lewis wrote a strategy paper for Benjamin Netanyahu entitled “Terrorism: How the West Can Win.” As the title suggests, that paper covertly proposed that since Muslims were not prone to terrorism, the West should commit massive acts of false-flag terrorism and falsely blame those crimes on Muslims. That way Islam and Muslims could be smeared as “terrorists,” and “the West” (meaning Israel and the military-industrial complex) could “win.”

The Western elite took Lewis's advice and engineered a series of false-flag terror attacks blamed on Muslims, beginning with the FBI's bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993. When the half-empty, money-hemorrhaging, condemned-for-asbestos Twin Towers were over-insured and then blown up in 2001 in a made-for-television public relations spectacular, the War on Islam - euphemistically referred to as the “war on terror” - was officially launched. One could argue that 9/11 was just another typical Madison Avenue product-launch, with the “war on terror” being the product ... except that in this case the public relations gimmick included the murder of almost 3,000 innocent bystanders. [...]

As President John F. Kennedy suggested in 1963, we are all Berliners. Fifty years after JFK was murdered by the military-industrial complex and the Zionists, we are all still Berliners in the shadow of the Wall; we are all still living behind a massive barrier of fabricated fear, oppression, and lies.

Are you content to live out your life as just another brick in the wall? Or will you join those of us who are confronting the Zionists and the military-industrial complex and saying: “Tear down this wall!
I cut out much of the material that develops the wall theme referred to in this last paragraph. You're free to read the whole article if you feel like indulging your morbid curiosity a bit.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Veterans Today? Yeah, the only reason that the Zionists didn't make a lot of frankfurters out of these Berliners is that they are too entertaining.

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