Monday, November 18, 2013

"The U.S. is the root cause of all sorts of evils and misfortunes in the world and disturber of peace and cancer-like existence." (Korean News)

I almost used the article's actual title: "Minju Joson Flays U.S. President for Hunting People for Fun." Not bad at all, right? Anyway, the sentence I used for the post-title is actually the summing-up sentence at the end. Let's read the article that leads up to that sentence, shall we?
Recently a book was released to show the personality of U.S. President Obama.

The book says in detail how Obama organized "anti-terror war" and murdered people.

In particular, the book refers to the fact that Obama, laureate of Nobel Peace Prize, killed a lot of civilians by hundreds of drone strikes at Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. It reveals the fact that Obama unhesitatingly said himself that he is good at man-hunting.

Minju Joson Sunday observes in a commentary in this regard:

As soon as the book was released, it sparked off great uproar among the readers.

A lot of people expressed hatred for the personality of the U.S. president and skepticism about the "anti-terror war" of the U.S.

From its beginning this war was not for world peace and stability but for the implementation of the U.S. strategy for world domination.

What matters is how the Obama administration behaved quite contrary to the expectation of the world community.

The U.S. has wantonly infringed upon the independent rights of sovereign countries while resorting to the highhanded and arbitrary practices in the international arena under the pretext of "routing terrorists".

To cite its drone strikes as an example, the U.S. indiscriminately mounted drone attacks despite strong protest of relevant countries, massacring innocent civilians.

As seen above, the U.S. does not care at all whether independent rights of sovereign countries are abused or not and innocent civilians are killed by its high-handed and arbitrary acts.

As the book says, the U.S. is pleased to see guiltless people mercilessly killed.

The U.S. is the root cause of all sorts of evils and misfortunes in the world and disturber of peace and cancer-like existence.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

"The U.S. is the root cause of all sorts of evils..." Beg pardon, but I take exception to that statement. Since when the Big Satan overtook the Little Satan in root cause business?

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