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Some analysis from Al-Jazeera--the "Israel wants lackeys" meme

We're going to be seeing a lot of analysis like this in the coming days. The Big and Little Satans really seek, the reasoning goes, to punish anyone who won't take orders. In the words of Norman Finkelstein:
Israel and the United States are attacking, because they will not allow any military resistance to their control of the region. That's the problem. If Hizbullah laid down its arms, and said: "We will do whatever the Americans say," you wouldn't have a war--that's true, but you would also be the slaves of the Americans.
Here is Al-Jazeera appying the same reasoning to Hamas and the current fighting:
[...] Israel's constant message to the Palestinians' leaders is that, if they fail to carry out what Israel wants, they will be punished - with imprisonment or by assassination - regardless of their political positions.

The notion that Palestinian leaders are only tolerated if they police their own people without defending them from Israeli aggression is not new.

It preceded Hamas's ascension to power, the launching of Qassam rockets into Israel and suicide bombings there.

Israel applies the concept to leaders who "recognise Israel" such as Yasser Arafat, the late Palestinian leader, and those who do not, like Hamas.

Israel never forgave Arafat as he refused to give up national Palestinian rights in return for a fragmented and powerless entity and supported the second Palestinian Intifada that followed.

Today, Israel assassinates Hamas leaders in Gaza while imprisoning hundreds of Hamas and Fatah activists for resisting its diktats. [...]
Ah, the Teutonic touch that means so much . . .

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