Thursday, August 12, 2010

Feisal's Pals like Menorahs

Remember this image?You'll be pleased to learn that the following appears at the website of the Perdana Global Peace Organization:

The post with this image includes some words as well, such as this paragraph:
The Israeli administration’s scriptwriters use a propaganda training manual that teaches the art of lying and how to sugar-coat their poison so that gullible audiences will easily swallow it. Everything Israel dislikes, and everything that thwarts their lust for domination, is now labeled “Iranian-backed”… They would have us believe that everyone in the West – and that includes you and me and the dog – is in mortal danger from Iran and must therefore huddle together in a collective act of aggression orchestrated by Tel Aviv and Washington.
Why should you be interested in the Perdana Global Peace Organization? Well, it lists Ground Zero Mosque Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf prominently on its list of "Role Players and Contributors." (h/t: Big Peace) There are legitimate arguments to be made against "stopping" the Cordoba House project by denying it permits and the like. Those legitimate arguments involve religious freedom, but there is no excuse for believing feel-good nonsense about the project. Delving into what its leaders and members are likely to believe and promote is probably not going to convince anybody (except for a few Leftists) that the project heralds a great new era in inter-fidel relations. It is bound, in all liklihood, to lead to the sort of bad headache one gets from perusing the MPAC-UK site. Have a nice day.

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