Thursday, August 05, 2010

ISNA: "Iran says it has discovered Arrogant-sponsored plots backing Zionists"

"Plots designed by Arrogant powers to make Zionist regime's alive"--that's some choice Irangrish:
Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi said Wednesday that the country has discovered Arrogant-sponsored plots aiming at supporting Zionist regime in the region.

"I have good news for Iranians that many plots designed by Arrogant powers to make Zionist regime's alive have been discovered," he said in his trip to central city of Hamedan.
"Good news"?! What if they're just the tip of the iceberg?
The enemy has found that its plots in the region will be thwarted, he said.

Also concerning recent terrorist attack in southern city of Zahedan, Moslehi said, "some individuals linked to the issue are arrested."
Of course, the most perfidious plot of all was the attack on Lebanon:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for international communities to condemn aggressive actions of Zionist regime against Lebanon.

In a phone conversation with his Lebanese counterpart Michel Suleiman Tuesday afternoon, Ahmadinejad offered condolence on martyrdom of some Lebanese people following Zionist regime's attacks and said, "Zionist regime's measure is out of its disappointment and fury and the international community needs to show reaction against the aggression."

Ahmadinejad then reiterated that, "Iranian nation will always side by Lebanon's brave nation."

Michel Suleiman on his part expressed appreciation on Iran's stance and said, "the recent calm and tranquility in Lebanon caused that Zionist regime start aggressive actions, but it faced Lebanese army firm resistance."

He then added, "Zionist regime is responsible for losses as well as injuring and killing Lebanese people."

"We will file a case against Zionist regime and present it to the UN Security Council." [...]
Is that all? Angry Arab wanted an invasion. I think he has the distinction of being more extreme than the Khomeinists.

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