Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kim "enjoys light comedy"

Yet another story about this "light comedy," which, as we learn this time, gave "full play" to the audience's "mental power." I guess they all left the theater and immediately made a great revolutionary upsurge holding aloft the banner of Songun. And that was just light comedy:
General Secretary Kim Jong Il enjoyed light comedy "Echo of Mountain", Kim Il Sung Prize Laureate, now being put on local stages, at the Hamhung Grand Theatre together with servicepersons of the KPA.

The light comedy is such masterpiece of the era that the more one watches it, the more profound truth of life one grasps, he said, adding that it has such outstanding influence and attraction as gripping the hearts of audience and giving full play to their mental power. This comedy, therefore, serves as a close companion and a textbook for our army and people in their life, he stressed.
Wow, that's the sort of rhetoric he usually reserves for something momentous such as a Youth Power Station or a Fertilizer Complex. Maybe he's getting senile.
Recalling that the creators and artistes of the State Theatrical Troupe have remained true to the WPK's literary and art policy by creating and performing excellent works required by the times in every annal of the revolution, he said that they have greatly encouraged the army and people of the country in their drive to greet the 65th anniversary of the WPK and its conference with high political enthusiasm and shining labor achievements by staging the light comedy, monumental masterpiece of the Juche-oriented theatrical art in the new century. He highly estimated their revolutionary performing activities and extended thanks to them in the name of the WPK Central Committee.

Revolutionary literary and art works serve as an effective means of education as it powerfully encourages the party members and other working people to perform feats in their struggle for their great influence and cognitive and instructive significance, he said, stressing the need for the creators and artistes of the country to create many more masterpieces such as the light comedy greatly conducive to giving full play to the mental power of the masses and thus imbue great strength and courage into the servicepersons and people all out in the drive to build a thriving nation.
Still not there . . .

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