Sunday, August 08, 2010

Singer sings Syrian tune

And I'm sure it was music to their ears. From SANA (Syria):
"We are confronting a fierce Israeli enemy which usurped lands," Singer Marcel Khalifa said in a statement to SANA, hailing the Lebanese Army's courage in resisting the latest Israeli aggression.

Khalifa's remarks came during a press conference on Wednesday at Talisman Hotel in Damascus.

Khalifa met Syrian journalists who gathered at one of Damascus ancient houses around a fountain.

"Damascus means a lot to me, especially old Damascus which I consider an exquisite cultural haven," said Khalifa, adding that his next two concerts to be staged at Damascus Citadel will be different from his concert at the "Damascus Capital of Arab Culture" Festival.

Khalifa considered that there is an Arab generation which is not interested in the mainstream Arab music aired on Arabic Channels, which seeks to vulgarize music taste.

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