Friday, September 03, 2010

Arab Knesset member in the LA Times

He says the predictable things. I was wondering before I even read it whether his eagerness to attack Israel was going to interfere with his coherence. Of course.
. . . no Palestinian negotiator I know of will bow before the Israeli demand — put forward only recently, but increasingly adamantly — that Israel be recognized as an exclusively Jewish state . . .

The only way out of the impasse is for Jews to recognize Palestinians as their equals and negotiate with them on that basis. A fair two-state solution requires the abrogation of all laws, both in Israel and the occupied territories, that raise Jews above Palestinians.
Won't a "fair two-state solution" mean that there will be a Jewish state and a Palestinian state and nothing called "occupied territories"? (And don't we all know which state will be the "exclusive" one?)

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