Monday, September 20, 2010

ISNA: "Iranians stage protest rally against brutal Quran burning"

They're taking out their anger on the English language:
Massive turnouts staged protest gatherings in Tehran to show wrath against barbarous measure of Quran burning by some extremists in the US.

The marchers including education staff, merchants, Quran activists and some Judiciary staff chanted "God is Great", "Any Muslim's Silence is Treachery to Quran" and "Islam is the Victorious, the US is Annihilated."

Demonstrations were held in different parts in Tehran.

Also Iranian Deputy Minister of Education taking part in a rally, said "Muslims will take large steps, the measure (burning Quran) promoted willingness towards Quran, Iranian nation has created a situation that leaves no fame for White House officials."
Glad they clarified that.
He also called for Muslim countries and freedom-seeking people to stand against the failed move.
That is one of the most Iranian-sounding sentences I have ever read.
Also Iranian students staged a massive gathering in Tehran on Monday to show wrath and fury against barbarous Quran burning.

The gathering came in front of Swiss embassy which represents the US interests following Quran burning on September 11.

Iranian students were carrying posters and placards which read "Down with the US", "Down with Zionist Regime","Down With Enemies of Quran" and "The God Is Great."

They also crashed a symbolic coffin on which it was written liberal democracy.

The brutal insult to the Holy Quran met with anger and severe criticism from Iranian officials.
They couldn't muster wrath and fury?

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