Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sacramento Co-Op rejects Israel boycott?

According to Sacramento News and Review:
Matzo and bath salts are stirring up controversy over at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, where a fraction of its 12,000 owner-members is moving to boycott products that come from Israel . . .

Len Feldman, director of the Sacramento JCRC, cited a study in which 80 percent of SNFC owners surveyed opposed boycotts for political ends.

“You have a small group of people trying to turn Co-op members into political pawns,” he said outside of the meeting.

A five member Co-op policy committee will investigate the boycott request for the next three months. The committee will make a recommendation to the Co-op board for a final decision
I looked at the Co-Op's website and found the following:
From the "Committee reports" section of "August 2010 Approved Minutes . . . Board of Directors Meeting":
Policy Committee: The committee unanimously voted against joining the proposed boycott of Israeli products sold in the store.
(Ahem, hat tip: Angry Arab)

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