Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Angry Arab posts more gender-gap statistics

He finally takes note of the Little Satan where respective male and female incomes are concerned. The post is entitled "Liberal feminists still find Israel to be cute" and it consists of the following two sentences from Ha'aretz:
"In terms of gross pay, in 2009 the average monthly salary for women was 24% less than the average for men. The average gross pay for women stood at NIS 11,498, while men averaged NIS 15,060 a month."
An intelligent reader would wonder: how does Israel compare to other world countries here? This site rates Western-style democracies based on 2007 figures and assigns letter-grades to different parts of its scale. The highest country in the A-range is Denmark, which had its embassies set on fire by angry mobs in several Arab and Muslim countries in 2006. Israel is not listed, but its record is similar to that of the US (which was at the bottom of the B-range in 2007 and which apparently has a slightly larger gender-gap now). Israel is a country where Western values generally prevail. Ironically, the statistics in Angry Arab's post actually illustrate this once they are contextualized with a few readily-available relevant facts.

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