Sunday, November 28, 2010

Finkelstein evidently views the Western World as a giant conspiracy against Hizbullah

This is brought to us from the good folks at IRNA, Iran's main news agency. We learn that "the United Nations Security Council . . . has become the main instrument for death and destruction":
Talking in Berlin Saturday evening on the occasion of the International Solidarity Day with the Palestinian Nation, Norman Finkelstein stressed there had been some 'very ominous developments' pointing to a new war in Lebanon.

'There does seem to be coordinated efforts now by the western powers using the United Security Council in order to soften up the target, weaken the target by creating discord and tension and friction inside Lebanon to pave the way at the
end for an Israeli assault on Lebanon,' the US political scientist said.

'As Israel prepares the ground for an attack, it's very interesting to watch how all the western powers synchronize to prepare, to lay the groundwork for an attack and how the United Nations Security Council which has become the main instrument for death and destruction, is preparing the groundwork,' Finkelstein added.

He accused the western powers of 'working up a (anti-Hizbollah) hysteria' in the media aimed at preparing an assault on Lebanon by the Zionist regime.

Finkelstein said the US, France and Britain were initially hoping to isolate Hizbollah by a combination of sanctions, arms embargo, UN resolution and whipping up media campaign.

The Mideast expert emphasized the West did not like Hizbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah because he was 'smart, confident and incorruptible' unlike the pro-western leaders of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

He warned the western-backed Special Tribunal on Lebanon which is to announce an indictment blaming elements of Hizbollah for the murder of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, was geared at 'dividing Shiites and Sunnis' in Lebanon and reigniting political violence in that country, setting the stage for a Zionist military assault.
In case you are wondering if the above includes some Iranian embellishments, which is always possible, at Finkelstein's own website an Asia Times article is introduced with the following:
The endgame is approaching in Lebanon. The US, UK and France will use the UN to soften the target, and then Israel will go in for the kill.
So he's certainly in that paranoid Khomeinist groove.

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