Sunday, November 21, 2010

Soccer Dad closes shop

As you probably know by now, Soccer Dad has announced his retirement from blogging. Some of the other bloggers who are commenting have noted his knowledge, his writing ability, and his tendency to reach out to other bloggers. I was very honored to be asked to submit my own posts to his blog in recent years and have them appear along side of Soccer Dad's own posts and those of Daled Amos, his other, still-active, co-blogger. I was especially comfortable doing so because of another admirable quality of Soccer Dad's blogging: good taste and moderation. Hopefully, even if not actually blogging, he will continue some sort of presence in the J-blogosphere: through his behind-the-scenes e-mails, blog-comments, etc., and in the meantime his continuing influence is reflected by the ongoing blog-carnival Haveil Havalim. Check out the latest edition here.

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