Monday, April 03, 2006

Daily Kos on Jill Carroll

These are actually items in a link roundup:
Jane at Firedoglake is taking on the Education of Blitzer, devoting a week to laying out the racist freak show that is the wingnut blogosphere in the wake of the horrendous, misogynistic, racist, and despicable job they tried to do on reporter Jill Carroll. Jane promises "fabulous guests who have been writing about right wing blog bigots for year who will be joining us, we have wonderful prizes for the people who find the best Wolf Edification Quotes, and we promise to have fun (and clean towels) for everyone who participates."
And another:
On the same topic, Joe at The Moderate Voice is being way too moderate in calling the Jill Carroll affair a black eye to blogging. No, Joe, this is a black eye to the crazy, racist, right wing, hating blogosphere. Don't lump all of us in together on that one. Yes, we're partisan, yes we're on occasion shrill. We're not liars. We're not racist. And we won't be dragged down into the mud pit occupied by the likes of Little Green Footballs and Free Republic just because we occupy the same cyberspace.
It may have been unfair to suspect Jill Carroll of exhibiting Douglas Johnson/Christian-Peacemaker-Teams Syndrome, but "racist"? "misogynistic"? I'll have to check out Free Republic. If extreme righties are wingnuts and extreme lefties are moonbats, what are centrists?

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