Sunday, April 02, 2006

Interesting Contrast

First, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting:
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hamid-Reza Assefi Saturday strongly condemned the assassination of top Palestinian commander Khalil al-Qowqa.

Al-Qowqa was one of the top commanders of the Palestinian People's Resistance Committee.

According to Monday report of the Foreign Ministry's Information and Press Office, Asefi added, "Continuing its inhumane and barbarian policies, the racist-Zionist regime has intensified the process of its selected assassinations,"

He added, "Imposing mounting political pressure against the new Palestinian government and assassinating Palestinian personalities is still atop the agenda of the expansionist policies pursued by the usurper Israeli regime."

Assefi reiterated, "The security of the entire region is now at stake due to the expansionist and terrorist policies pursued by Tel Aviv that is maddened due to the outcome of the democratic Palestinian elections in which the Palestinians consciously and alertly cast their votes in favor of Hamas."

He added, "Israel is now taking revenge of the Palestinians by inhumanely assassinating their popular personalities."
Now, the Washington Post:
A Palestinian militant with ties to Hamas was killed by a car bomb Friday, unleashing factional unrest that left three others dead and 35 wounded, in the first direct threat to the radical Islamic group's new government.

Followers of the militant blamed security forces loyal to the Fatah movement of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas for the assassination, raising the possibility of wider clashes just two days after Hamas assumed power . . .

Abu Quka's supporters blamed the Fatah-dominated Preventive Security Services for his assassination; a shootout at the militant's funeral killed the three others and wounded 35.

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