Monday, April 24, 2006

One of those days when IRIB is bound to be interesting

IRIB is the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting site. Let's see, how about this one: President slams EU anti-Semitism:
President Ahmadinejad Monday accused western governments of being anti-semitic and said such an anti-semitic policy by western governments forced the Jews to leave the west and come to Palestine.

He told reporters ahead of his speech at a press conference that the Jews are just like the other people of the world. They are entitled to lead a free life with security.

President Ahmadinejad addressed himself to western governments and said, "let the Jews come back to their own homelands in the west."
Nice of him to pretend that Sephardim don't exist, which is not to say that Israeli Ashkenazim feel much of a tie to Europe either. Here's another one: "President urges West to follow faith":
President Ahmadinejad asserted that the ongoing crisis in the Middle East is a sequel to the world war perpetrators whims.

He then touched on the current tragedy in the occupied lands of Palestine and asked why Middle East people must pay for the the world war crisis.

Ahmadinejad said that IRI respects followers of all divine religions despite anti-Semitism in the Europe during the World War Two led to faking the Zionist regime and pushing Jews to the occupied lands.

"Jews are rightful to live their life whenever they like," he said.

"Era of weponization is over"

"No real crisis in region"

"Today is era of wisdom"

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