Sunday, April 09, 2006

Linkim 4/9/06

Haveil Havalim 65 is up. Highlight the text if you have trouble reading yellow against blue.

Captain's Quarters closes a case.

Judeosphere on a "Progressive opinion" about "The Israel Lobby." (h/t: Simply Jews)

Islam Online on "Rethinking Islam"

Mystical Paths gets "practical" about the Korban Pesach.

Divrei Chaim on the "Sunday before Pesach"

Jewish Worker on Kiddush Pesach night

Arab News: "Journalist Detained for Internet Remarks"

Lazer Beams on teaching martial arts to children

Isreallycool uncovers "ISM Support of Terrorists - In Print."

More Linkim 4/10/06: Soccer Dad on the "Semantics of peace"

AbbaGav asks "What Hoaxes WOULDN'T Fool Reuters?"

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