Sunday, April 22, 2007

IRIB: "Reporters victims of Zionist regime's hidden pretensions"

Conspiracy theories and bad English just kinda go together. As the article observes, "The regime's surrogates are tasked with the tension mission whose major chunk is to kidnap reporters and cast the blame on Palestinians."
As Palestine suffers one of its most critical periods, rampant insecurity for reporting teams has shot a smokescreen for the Zionist regime to realize its hidden pretensions.

The mounting crisis has taken its toll on reporters, mostly foreigners, who are held as hostages. While the presence of these voices would help make the Palestinian outcry heard in the world, it is baffling that in every incident of the kind all fingers point to the Palestinian groups.

The suspicious move could be one of those Zionist tricks which shoots two targets in a single run: for one thing, it bars reporters from conducting their savory undertaking and for the other it presents the Palestinian resistance movements as opponents to world public opinion.

The Zionist regime is scared its criminal acts are divulged and to keep the lid on aggression, it would employ all the tools at hand. Reporting teams usually flee tension-ravaged areas or limit their activities to minimal tasks. The regime's surrogates are tasked with the tension mission whose major chunk is to kidnap reporters and cast the blame on Palestinians.

It is not far from reality that the West and Tel Aviv authorities have plots to provoke world mind against the Palestinian groups. If these doomed reporters work for Zionist-dependent agencies, the ploy will better work and regarding the position of news work in the world public opinion, anyone who is to blame will become a lightning rod for obstructing information activity.

The Zionist also seeks to make a link in the mind of people between the suspicious al-Qaeda terrorist grouplet and the Palestinian resistance groups. With reporters kidnap as a routine act of terror for al-Qaeda cells, the scam could be of use for the regime in the occupied Palestine to present resistance as terrorism.

With the world of Islam suffering a humiliating lack of any independent agencies across the occupied lands, the Zionist regime will find the doors open to abuse the savory working groups to see its wicked dreams fulfilled.
IRIB credits this to the Qods News Agency.

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