Wednesday, April 25, 2007

IRIB: "Zionist brain seeks to woo Abbas to bend to the usurper plan"

IRIB evidently picked this up from Qods News Agency without fixing the English:
At the backdrop of Palestinian developments, Zionist regime has moved to carry out a set of projects whose aim is wider than just cracking down on the Palestinian resistance: One-sided border setting.

Zionist premier Ehud Olmert had made it a key elections banner to set borders with the heavily slashed Palestinian territories. Under his plan, Zionists will set borders after withdrawing from a few 'settlements' (colonies) in the West Bank that carry no strategic significance. The regime appears defiant to withdraw from other areas it occupied in 1967, notably the holy Qods.

Preparations for the plan have been underway in veneer of a series of dummy moves by superpowers, dubbed 'Middle East peace process.' In conducting so, a planned meeting between Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is all but to focus on peace. Zionist brain seeks to woo Abbas to bend to the usurper plan.

The stakes of such a meeting like in its precedents will be only a vow on the part of the Zionist regime not to attack the West Bank or the Gaza Strip without bothering any reference to the case of al-Qods issue. Abbas' meetings are probable to provide documents for Israeli push to set borders on its own.

Another lever of pressure may come form several economic projects dubbed by the Zionist regime as corridor of peace. Under the projects, Jordan and occupied Palestine will join through trade routes and railway. The project will virtually become a mandatory criteria for setting borders as territorial integrity of the three entities of the Palestinian territories, Israel and Jordan requires to specify borders.

A further move to impose borders on the Palestinian party has surfaced in the immigration of Zionists to some parts along Ehud Olmert's dreamed borders also harbor the immigration of some Zionist into Israel and the withdrawal of some others from several colonies in West Bank and al-Khalil. The relocation project along with forcible dispel of Palestinian refugees form another clause of the one-sided plan of border setting whose axis hinges around a judaised al-Qods city.

Westerners have propped the Zionist project by offering the bullied nation to bow to it in lieu of stoppage to Zionist regime's attacks and a blockade lift.

Nonetheless, no matter else could more provide fuel to the project than the negligence practiced by several Arab heads who are seeking to play some political role in the Middle East, even though as diplomatic dwarfs.

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