Sunday, April 22, 2007

Linkim 4/22/07

Haveil Havalim 113 is up! Kosher Cooking Carnival 17 is up! Carnival of the Insanities is up!

Elder of Ziyon reports that an "Ann Arbor synagogue gets picketed every week."

Martin Kramer reflects on "Geopolitics of the Jews."

Mark Steyn suggests "Let's be realistic about reality."*

IRNA: "UK doctors call for boycott of Israeli Medical Association"

Simply Jews examines some "Israeli goods" that should have been boycotted.

BTB explores the past and present of Jaffa.

Israel Matzav offers a diagnosis.

Smooth Stone reveals that "U.S. had emergency plan for attacking Israel in 1967"

*h/t: RCP

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