Wednesday, April 18, 2007

(North) Korean News: "Imperishable Banner for Great National Unity"

Does anyone actually think like this? Or are all these articles generated by fear of being caught writing in any other way?
Kim Jong Il made public the classic work "Let Us Reunify the Country Independently and Peacefully through the Great Unity of the Entire Nation" on April 18, Juche 87 (1998).

He, in the work, put forth the five-point policy for overall national unity which would serve as an important guideline in achieving the great unity of the whole nation and accomplishing the cause of national reunification by thoroughly adhering to and carrying forward the great idea, exploits, experience and tradition made by President Kim Il Sung for the national unity.

The policy reflects the ideas that the great national unity must be based on the principle of national independence, the entire nation must unite under the banner of patriotism and national reunification, the relations between the north and south should be improved, the whole nation must reject domination of outsiders and fight against the anti-reunification forces and all the Koreans visit one another, hold contacts, promote dialogue and bolster up solidarity among them.

The policy had no sooner been made public than it enjoyed full support of the entire fellow countrymen and displayed its vitality and validity to the full.

The historic Pyongyang meeting and the publication of the June 15 Joint Declaration embodying the idea "by our nation itself" in June 2000 proved the validity of the five-point policy once again and were an epochal event of weighty significance in putting the period to the protracted history of distrust and confrontation and in accomplishing the cause of national unity and reunification.

As a result the movement for national reunification has been turned into a nation-wide one and the enthusiasm of the whole nation to achieve national reconciliation and unity between the north and the south has been forcefully pushing ahead with the cause of the great national unity, the cause of national reunification, under the uplifted banner of the historic June 15 north-south joint declaration.

The national collaboration has become an unquenchable trend in spite of the obstructions of the foreign forces and pro-U.S., anti-reunification forces in south Korea, the severed artery and territory between both sides have been re-linked and the reconciliation and unity, cooperation and exchange have been positively promoted, thus making signal successes unprecedented in the reunification movement for more than a half century.

This year, too, the Korean people are vigorously launching the reunification movement with a firm resolution to reunify the country without fail with the concerted efforts of our nation by our nation itself holding aloft the slogan "Add brilliance to the June 15 reunification era by attaching importance to the nation, maintaining peace and achieving unity!"

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