Saturday, December 29, 2007

Daily Muslims: "God Gives America to the Jews: Let Conspiracy Theories Fly!"

Daily Muslims is website that used to feature Yvonne Ridley. It was good blog-fodder, but I wasn't too sad when it expired. Now it seems that it has been exhumed and reanimated. Here is a current sample:
YES, it was a coincidence that a political-dead corpse was discovered in Abu-Daubi to be blown up in Pakistan. Yes, it was a coincidence that sacking of the Chief Justice of Pakistan ended in the stripping off a nuke-general of its uniform. Yes, it is a coincidence that a twice-discredited slain person dead body will be used to usher another era of bloodbath of the Muslims all over the Muslim World and particularly in Pakistan. Yes, it is a coincidence that this twice-discredited slain person is presented to the world as freedom fighter and peace maker. Yes, it is a coincidence that the journalists, image-makers of the business-media, have a very short memory or have no memory. They have forgotten that this slain so-called freedom fighter had already written two shameful chapters as prime minister and now she was about to write a third shameful chapter by joining a tyrant and as such legitimizing his tyrant rule. Yes, it is a coincidence that now journalists, agenda setters of business media, are preparing the Americans that Pakistan is the epic-center of terrorism and it should be the main battle ground of terror war. Yes, it is a coincidence that journalists, agenda setter of business media, are preparing the public that Iraq's security should be handed over to the Iraqis and U.S. butchers should be deployed in Afghanistan to join the terror forces lead by America. Yes, it is a coincidence that next year is an election year and if tenth crusader Republican president starts waging a full-scale war against patriotic forces in Pakistan, this act will help the Republicans politically. Iraq will not be an issue in the coming presidential election. Democrats have been grilling the Republicans for years that Americans are butchering wrong people at a wrong time. Real 'terrorists' are not in Iraq; they are in Pakistan.

Is it a coincidence that American entire history is full of coincidences? Things happen without any planning. Crises take place without invisible hands. And it is again a coincidence that every happening and every crisis bring political, economic and strategic gains for the ruling elite of the United States. And it is again a coincidence that happenings and crises happen when American ruling elite need these crises and happenings most. Remember, Japan Pearl Harbor attack. It was a coincidence.

Roosevelt administration, British leadership and Jewish lobby badly wanted to join the butchery of human beings. They have their own motives to join the butchery of world War Two. Roosevelt administration has nothing to offer to the ruling elite of America, capitalist. Without the help of Americans, British could not survive against the Germans. So British wanted the American boys. Jewish lobby was determined to revenge the Germans for trying to end the German Jewish monopoly over German political and economic life. Jewish lobby had another motive to push the American in the hell-hole of World War Two. British were a declining power. America was an emerging global power. Switching sides is not new in the history of Jewish leadership. And coincidently Pear Harbor happened.

No body alerted the Americans that Japanese are coming. Americans were caught by surprise just like Sept. 11. British intelligence did not know that Japanese were coming. Jewish lobby did not know that Japanese were coming. Roosevelt administration did not know that Japanese were coming. And this coincident cleared the way for butchery of human beings. Price tag for this coincidence was 60 million lives. Europe was a heap of rubble. America was the master of the universe. American ruling elite bagged more than $40 billion dollar. Military-industrial monster was born. Poor Americans have been feeding this monster since Second World War Two. Monroe doctrine enveloped the entire world. [...]
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