Monday, December 31, 2007

IRNA: "Iran warns legal action with ICJ against Argentina"

The ICJ is the last refuge of the scoundrel:
Iran on Monday warned Argentina it will take legal action with International Court of Justice (ICJ) over repetition of unfounded allegations over bombing Jewish center in Buenos Aires in 1992.

Prosecutor General Qorbanali Dorri Najafabadi on Monday stressed that Iran will lodge complaint with international court against Argentine government over repetition of unfounded allegation attempting to damage international prestige of Iranian government.

"Iran condemns repetition of the charge by an Argentine justice official against Iranian nationals and has decided to Argentine government for damaging prestige of Iranian government."

Najafabadi was reacting to repetition of anti-Iran charge quoted by Israeli daily Haaretz from Argentine prosecutor.

"The act of Argentine federal prosecutor is a propaganda phase of a scenario ordered by Zionists to layoff blames and evade from realities," he said.

He added, "Unfortunately, Argentine judiciary system, violating the established principles and conventions of the international law, has embarked on levelling accusations and psychological warfare and ballyhoo against some Iranian nationals."
He said that Iran is ready to help clarify realities in connection with the AMIA Jewish center's blast.

"Unfortunately, Argentine judiciary system has raised fabricated hypothesis and hired false eyewitness and staged unfounded scenario, thus insisting on its unprincipled and legally unjustified stances." Najafabadi said such issues should be looked into through judiciary channels and through fair and reliable prosecution procedures.

Political stances, violation of justice and of impartiality, showing hostility, distorting opinion of the international community and levelling charges prior to proving any crime are not worthy of Argentine justice system and government, he added.

He said resort to vain concepts such as Iran's unhappiness over cancellation of bilateral nuclear deals and so on are not worthwhile of the sound and fair judicial system.

The Argentine nation and government are expected to give up such measures and stick to international law and regulations to find out realities and not to lay off blames and evade from responsibilities, he noted.

"It is not a matter of surprise that Iran is accused of terrorism by the Zionist camp. It seems that the pre-designed scenario has been revised by some Argentine sworn elements to cover up realities and give false signs in order to keep main criminals behind the criminal act immune."

Najafabadi stressed that while defending its nationals all over the world, the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to contribute to clarification of realities so that the criminal terrorists are brought to justice. Iran is also to make the world people aware of realities on the international scene, he added.

He said the Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly informed Argentine judiciary and state officials that is ready to dispatch or receive judiciary delegations assigned with the task of clarifying realities in connection with the AMIA Jewish Center blast.
Iran is ready to dispatch reality-clarifying delegations--how can it be guilty?

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