Sunday, December 09, 2007

On Bill Clinton's Blackness

America's increasing fascination with trans-racial figures manifested itself recently in Andrew Young's comments about Bill Clinton's trans-racial odyssey. As is well-known, the intelligence-enhancing properties of melanin were first noted by figures such as Leonard Jeffries. As Melanin theorist Wade Nobles has observed:
. . . the root of the family continued its path and not only evolved a central nervous system but developed what I called at that time an essential melanic system. And that I even went so far as to try to develop a little formula and suggested that CNS + EMS = HB. CNS (Central Nervous System) + EMS (Essential Melanic System) = HB (Human Being). That the central nervous system combined with the essential melanic system is what makes you human. That, in fact, to be human is to be Black. To be human is to be Black.
The program to develop the long sought-after Artifical Essential Melanic System led to several notable backfires, particularly the unfortunate incident involving Don Imus, which is now believed to have resulted from improperly monitored melanin injections. The relative success of Clinton's transformation can perhaps be attributed to the high-quality melanin he received, some of it reputed to have been harvested after one of the many operations on Michael Jackson, the first trans-racial, trans-gender, trans-fidel figure.

It is not known whether Hilary and Bill pursued medical trans-racism as a couple, but certain incidents have fueled speculation in this regard. Presidential-hopeful Mitt Romney is reputed to also have a predilection to volunteer for medical trials and reportedly hopes to one day be the deity of his own planet. In any event, the upcoming change in occupancy at the White House should prove interesting.

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