Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ahmadinejad blather thick today

This is all from IRNA, the most official of the various Iranian news agencies. Ahmadinejad's rhetoric is notable for the endless laundry lists of virtues supposedly promoted by Iran and problems caused by the World Arrogance:

President: Iran wants expanded ties with all states except Israel:
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Sunday that Iran wants expansion of relations with all nations and countries, except the illegitimate Zionist Regime.

President Ahmadinejad told representatives and ambassadors of more than 100 countries based in Tehran that spirituality, ethics, human dignity, fraternity, kindness, passion and mutual respect are bases of such relations.

He said current international system, particularly the system governing the United Nations and the UN Security Council, is inherited from the World War II and has been designed by the victors in the said War for dominating the world and for exerting power over global wealth, culture and economy.

He added that since the system has been based on injustice, discrimination and immunity of a special group, privileges and special rights, they can never be able to base their decisions on justice and rights of nations -- the outstanding example being developments in Palestine and the type of their approach towards them . . .

The president said recourse to truth and giving more weight to human dignity, passion and kindness in international engagements serve as a main pillar of Iran's foreign policy . . .

. . . the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes and supports all efforts for the defense of the rights of the oppressed, administration of justice and promotion of friendship, love and peace worldwide . . .

. . . Iranian nation will along with all free and independent nations continue its efforts to ensure a world full of justice, peace, friendship and lasting security . . .
Want more?

President: Victory of Iran's Islamic Revolution is victory for mankind:
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Sunday that Islamic Revolution's victory is in fact victory for mankind, culture of monotheism, purity, justice, peace and kindness, all of which belong to humanity . . .

He said before Islamic Revolution, human beings were subject to doom between blades of marxism and capitalism. The two blades targeted personality, dignity, identity and lofty values of human beings, he added.

Calling Iranian nation a monotheist nation, President Ahmadinejad said that had been among the big advantages of Iranian nation throughout history and the result of the Iranian nation's monotheism, freedom, refusal to bow to injustice and dictatorship, campaign against corruption and injustice and their case for independence, non-intervention of foreigners in their internal affairs and defense of the oppressed . . .
There's still more:

President: Iranians determined to proceed in path to progress:
[...] The president said disrespect for such principles as justice, spirituality, ethics and human dignity is the root cause of all problems, wars, conflicts and hostilities worldwide. [...]
What about personal hygiene?

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