Saturday, February 09, 2008

Islamic Republic achieves mouse

Many stories in the Iranian Press claiming technological or military achievements are garbage. What are the odds that they really did this?
Scientists of the Royan Research Center has successfully produced a mouse using embryonic stem cells, it was reported on Saturday.

Director of the center's stem cells group, Hossein Baharvand, said that the mouse was produced by mice embryonic stem cells.

In the next phase, Baharvand added, the Royan's experts are to produce mice with specific characteristics by genetically changing the mouse embryonic stem cells.

"The mechanism could be used in studying the performance of a specific gene in a living body," Doctor Baharvand said.

He added that the mouse was produced from embryonic stem cells taken from a black mouse that were later injected into the blastosists of a white mouse.

The resulted embryos were then transferred to the womb of another mouse and finally a chimera mouse was born.

Established in 1991, Royan initially started its work as a center for limited surgeries, but in 1998, it was developed into a center for stem cell researches.

Royan means embryo in Farsi language.

The center comprises six different research groups including men infertility, women infertility, epidemiology and stem cell researches.

Successful producing of Iran's first cloned lamb, Royana, in 2006, is another major achievement made by Royan's scientists.
As long as they don't try it on Ahmadinejad.

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