Sunday, February 17, 2008

IRIB Radio: "Martyr Mughniyah Commemorated Across Muslim World"

They're taking it kinda hard:
Muslim officials and figures, including those of Arab states, called the martyrdom of Imad Mughniyah - senior commander of Lebanon's legendary anti-terrorist movement, the Hezbollah - a clear indicative of the fact that the countdown for end of the illegal existence of the Zionist entity's has begun. According to al-Alam News Network, on the sidelines of a ceremony held in Damascus Sunday to commemorate Mughniyah, who was martyred by an Israeli terror squad in the Syrian capital, Deputy Secretary-General of the Palestine Islamic Jihad Movement, Ziyad Nakhaleh, said: "The revered terms of Qods and Palestine had special standing in Mughniyah's heart, to the extent that he could not stand the illegal existence of the Zionist entity."

In related news, a political member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Ahmad Abu-Fouad, said: "Hereby, we reaffirm our commitment to the ideals of Marty Mughniyah till the achievement to his goals in the face of the enemy's plots."

Meanwhile, in a commemoration ceremony held in Tehran today, in the presence of Iranian and Arab political figures, Palestine's ambassador to the Islamic Republic, Salah az-Zawavi, said similar brave resistance fighters would certainly spring from each drop of Mughniyah's blood.

"The Zionist entity has committed a historic blunder by martyring Imad Mughniyah," he added.

At the gathering, Lebanese ambassador to Iran, Zain al-Musawi, said the usurper state of Israel by assassinating Mughniyah has started its own complete annihilation.
More nuggets of bite-sized blather from IRIB Radio!

"Awe-Inspiring Iran Army has Unnerved Enemies":
The Chief of Staff of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Army said today that Iran's awe-inspiring armed forces have unnerved the enemies and made them lose whatever confidence they had. According to IRNA General Ataollah Salehi asserting that the power of the Iranian army is not solely military might and weapons, said: "Global Arrogance, despite its various military bases and forces, is now paralyzed and is sinking daily into a whirlpool. "Iran's army today has reached a phase of self-confidence, creativity and power that is able to overcome and neutralize any plot by the enemy", he added.
And no Iranian news round-up would be complete without the N-topic:

"Atomic Bombs Do Not Increase Countries' Defensive Power: Official":
Visiting Secretary of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Human Rights Headquarters emphasizing the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear program, said in Tokyo Saturday evening that Iran is not after manufacturing atomic bombs, and added, they do not increase countries' defensive power. According to IRNA's correspondent in Tokyo, Mohammad-Javad Larijani who was attending a ceremony marking the anniversary of the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution, referred to the humiliating defeat of the Zionist regime at the end of the 33-day uneven war it had imposed on Lebanon.

He said, "Israel lost that war to a popular political party with a military wing, the Lebanese Hezbollah, although Tel Aviv was armed with more than 200 nuclear warheads."
Larijani added, "The United States, too, regardless of the countless nuclear bombs it has, and missiles that can each carry a nuclear warhead, is suffering another humiliating defeat in Iraq, having lost over 3,000 US soldiers there, and killing some 150,000 Iraqis."

Pointing out that Iran is after taking very serious peaceful advantages of its nuclear technology, Larijani reiterated that Iran has already gained noticeable achievements in nuclear science and technology.
So, that settles that . . .

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