Monday, May 26, 2008

Firas Press: "Violent clashes between Hamas and Islamic Jihad"

This has the usual garbled bits due to auto-translation, but it's interesting stuff:
jeeps raided dozens of Hamas yesterday afternoon Tuffah region east of Gaza City and devastated the region and destructive arrogance after violent clashes took place between members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad elements to control the backdrop of a mosque in the neighbourhood.

She said well-informed local sources and eyewitnesses that violent clashes erupted between members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad elements used sticks and stones and evolved to the use of arms by members of Hamas and against a background of Hamas attempt to control the mosque Golan location Islamic Jihad movement since its inception.

The sources said that members of Hamas forces called in the executive and Qassam that attended the venue in large numbers and attacked elements of Islamic Jihad who inevitably assaulted a mosque as some cadres of the Fatah movement who they may be the place, Israeli forces shot and attacking some members of Islamic Jihad and Fatah movement, also attacked in their homes to some Citizens who they may be the place and tried to reform among members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

The sources pointed out that some elements are still online Qassam Mosque near Joulani disputed between Hamas and Jihad, which had been threatening renewed clashes between them.

Mention that the elements of Hamas trying to control the Golan Heights since Mosque years
According to another current Firas headline: "Iran provides Hamas sophisticated communications network and canned 'EEP'." See EOZ for a write-up this story based on a different source.

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