Thursday, May 08, 2008

IRNA: "Ahmadinejad calls Zionist regime a 'stinking corpse'"

Is this a new variation? Previous names for the usurper Zionist entity include "infectious gland" and "cancerous bacterium."
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here on Thursday labeled the Zionist regime as a "stinking corpse" and said those who think they can revive the corpse of this fabricated and usurper regime are in mistaken.

Lambasting the 60th anniversary of establishment of the Zionist regime, he said those who attend such a shameful ceremony should bear in their mind that their names will be listed as Zionist criminals.

Addressing Majlis representatives, he said the philosophy of existence of the Zionist regime is now under question and the usurper and fabricated regime is moving towards annihilation.

The Zionist regime is a puppet for bullying powers, he said adding that the global arrogance established the Zionist regime 60 years ago in Palestine to continue its historical straggles with the Muslim world but after the Lebanese nation slapped it in the face, they are like dead rats.

"If any regional countries assist the Zionist regime, they will burn in fire arising from nations' hatred," said the president.

"If some think that they can make any change in the global calculations, they are in mistaken because nations around the world will bury them ," concluded President Ahmadinejad.
His tone is a bit threatening, wouldn't you say?

Further thoughts: What's frustrating about apologists such as Juan Cole who see Ahmadinejad as merely advocating "regime change," whatever that would mean to a Khomeinist, is the fact that Ahmadinejad seems to be exerting maximum effort to rattle the proverbial saber. See Memeorandum.

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