Friday, May 09, 2008

Rafsanjani on the Jewish "nuisance" in Germany

In which we learn that outside of Germany, where "influential Jews" created a "nuisance," Jews "faced no extraordinary hardships at all." From IRNA:
Referring to the ongoing human catastrophe in Gaza, he said, "The Jews used to lead good lives however in the world they lived prior to the establishment of Israel, save for those who lived in Germany during the leadership of Adolf Hitler."

Rafsanjani added, "Even there, they faced those problems due to the nuisances the influential Jews used to create for the German governments, one after the other, resorting to their wealth and the media they had under their control, but in other countries they faced no extraordinary hardships at all."

He said, "In Iran they have always enjoyed the right to have members at the parliament, and that right is still observed. But due to what they did in Palestine, they created problems for the Jews throughout the Islamic World. It was a great mistake, as the stone they threw in the well takes 40 wise men to pull out, and God willing, the wise would one day solve this problem of the region and the world."
I don't think they'll come looking for him when the need wise men.

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